embark on a journey of transformation

Navigating Psychedelic Therapy with Compassion & Clarity

Intention Setting

Ideally, we would begin working together prior to embarking on a psychedelic experience. We would work on intention setting and preparation. This can help to support your experience and bring more meaning into it. These intentions frequently come through organically in our work together. Often people say they want to let go of the control a past trauma has over them, they want to surrender, find their voice, step into their power, connect to parts of themselves that they have turned away from, or even connect to their ancestors. I frequently bring meditation, ritual and intuitive practices into this stage of therapy.


We will continue our work together after your psychedelic experience by processing any important insights or learnings that came through. In this stage of work together, you are integrating the lessons that came up. You are moving the insights into the reality of changed behavior. You may also identify key themes to explore in our work together. For example, you may find that you have been choosing how to live your life based on what other people think you should do, instead of what your heart and soul are calling for. Sometimes in integration, the learnings are more tangible, such as, “I need to connect in nature more often”.

Healing Retreats

Engaging in an immersive retreat integrating Plant Medicine can foster profound transformation.
Drawing from her extensive background in holding retreats and healing groups, Dr. Laurel offers healing experiences that blend the mystical and the evidence-based. Dr. Laurel is collaborating with the seasoned Shamanic Practitioner and Healer, Celeste Williamson, to facilitate transformative retreats. Priority will be given to existing clients of Dr. Laurel and Celeste, as we value the strength of community and relationships in this sacred journey.


In 2022, the State of Colorado passed the Natural Medicine Health Act which allows Licensed Health Centers to administer psilocybin and Licensed Facilitators to sit with people during a Natural Medicine experience. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I cannot administer any medication, but I can support you in the preparation before and integration after a psychedelic experience. Colorado hasn’t opened up the pathway to be a Licensed Facilitator yet, so I am not yet Licensed in Colorado to be a Natural Health Medicine facilitator. I intend to be licensed in early 2025.