Purpose. Heart. Alignment.

Do you yearn to live with purpose, with heart, and feel aligned with your path?

My techniques and coaching are informed from my professional career as a social worker specialized in supporting people through the big transitions in life, the lessons I’ve learned through countless yoga and meditation trainings and practice, and from my own life.

About ten years ago, I was at the end of my rope. My career and life were, on the outside, successful. But on the inside, I was so miserable. I knew there was something more out there. Something inside (likely my intuition) was screaming at me that I was not on the right path. Eventually, I listened, realigned, quit my job, sold my house and dove in! I don’t regret it for a second.

I passionately support people to find their life’s path, to bring more wellness into their life, to find balance, joy, and wellness in all domains in life. If you want to live a more inspired and full life, and would love to work with me, please reach out!

*Note: Coaching is different from therapy. In coaching, I will help you get really clear on your goals, we will work to hone in on what will bring more joy to your life. I will support you in finding more wellness.