Therapy Structure

Each counseling relationship and process is unique. My approach is strongly intuitive and is tailored to meet your individual needs, goals, personality and style. Whilst no two counseling relationships area the same, the unfolding of what occurs can follow similar patterns:

Early Counseling Sessions

  • Defining the aims of your counseling process
  • Discussion and clarification of the themes at hand and their relationships to each other
  • Developing the counseling relationship. Building understanding, trust and rapport

Body of therapy

  • Slowing down and exploring particular aspects of your themes more deeply
  • Gaining deeper and more holistic awareness of the issues and their interconnectedness
  • Development of a more robust counseling relationship which allows you to share the more sensitive parts of yourself in the trust that you are safe and supported
  • Invitation for you to experience and express emotions related to the subject matter
  • Opportunities for you to bring your unconscious materials into consciousness
  • The facilitation of energetic shifts related to the topics at hand
  • Discovering new tools and inner resources and developing the ones you already have
  • Clarification and exploration of inner conflicts
  • The deconstruction of unhelpful life patterns and perspectives

Closing / integration

  • Seeing new insights and shifts become a part of the way you live your life
  • Developing meaningful frameworks of understanding which incorporate experiences and insights from the counseling process
  • Grounding what you have learned through action in your life and reflection upon this

The length of the counseling relationship is ultimately decided by you. It is dependent upon your goals, needs, circumstances and level of commitment. You may be coming seek help with a particular issue which can be resolved in a few sessions or you may be seeking an ongoing helping relationship which becomes a consistent feature of your life. It is important that you remain in control and decide upon the course of your own therapy.